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PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA Therapy with the help of disposable plastic cups and suction brings up toxins and stagnated blood from underlying tissue, interstitial fluid, and capillary beds to the surface of the skin, where the biochemical waste comes out through the superficial incisions of the epidermis and dermis. Hijama induces a better local blood flow (hyperemia), a better blood flow generates heat, and heat removes tension. – PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA


* Hijamah can serve as a diagnostical method, the circles left under the cups can tell us about the condition of the tissues below. If the colour is a dark one (purple, brown), it tells us that there is congested blood in the tissue below. If the circle has a bright red colour, it can mean that there was recently a trauma/injury in that area, if there is an occurrence of blistering, it tells us that there are some superficial edemas, if the circle is pink this means that there is a good flow of blood in the area.

* When we have an inflammation and take an anti-inflammatory drug, we rely on the ability of our organism to recognize and transfer the medicine to the exact needed location, but with hijama we can directly affect the local area and eliminate inflammatory intermediaries. Because of the amount of these inflammatory proteins, the blood that comes out during the treatment is much thicker and has a much smaller percentage of plasma than venous blood. – PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA

* The negative pressure from the pump induces the secretion of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and when we remove the cups and start scratching the surface of the skin with a scalpel, the sensitivity of the skin is drastically reduced, so we have an effect of anesthesia. When we apply suction with the cup and lift the layers of skin, we create a mild pain sensation, the frequency of the pain is higher than normal, and consequently the pain gate closes (A and C fibers in the spinal cord) and thus chronic pain in the area decreases.

* Hijamah stimulates the “Organ Related Reflex Zones” on the skin, thus improving the function of organs.

* Fatty acids are normally negatively charged but when toxins accumulate in fat tissue, they become positively charged, and thus stick to the walls blood vessels, which can lead to atherosclerosis, which can lead to stroke and heart attack.


* Hijama/Cupping Therapy is widely known as a way to detoxify the body. We digest toxins through food, water and air. Food additives are chemicals, the body recognizes them as toxins and treats them accordingly. Blood flow of the body is slowest in capillaries, old and damaged red blood cells are stuck there. Some of the causes of headaches are: weakened vascularisation of the brain, tense muscles and poor posture. This mentioned treatment can improve blood flow and separate layers of tissue and muscle which are squashed against each other.

* Wet Cupping Therapy removes excess adrenaline, norepinephrine and unused cortisol.

* Negative vacuum pressure makes little spaces between cells which allows nerve receptors to deactivate. A sudden larger flow of fluid “water down” the nerve cell endings (dendrites) which further reduces the transmission of nerve impulses, thus we get reduced pain.

* Negative pressure and hyperemia can break down kidney stones, bring more nutrients by bringing new blood, thereby improving the function and actions of the kidneys.

* Hijamah can remove excess histamine in the body, thereby reducing the possibility of an occurrence of histamine intolerance.

* Intermediaries of inflammation normally come out through the incisions (surface scratches made by scalpels) or through lymphatic drainage (vasa lymphatic superficialis). On the other hand, the accumulation of these substances results in acne on the skin, but long-term accumulation can result in autoimmune diseases. Hijamah can prevent inflammation from turning into chronic.

* Hydrophobic respiratory diseases strengthen the immune system to fight infections, excess fluid and biochemical waste (old cell residues, disturbed blood, endotoxins of bacteria, etc.) is removed and compensate for a better function of the respiratory system. More local nutrients and oxygen are fed to the local alveoli, thus inducing better mitochondrial biogenesis.

* Oxygen and other nutritive substances give blood the bright red color. During hijama/hazmat we do not excrete pure arterial blood nor just venous blood. Sometimes the blood we take out from the capillary bed, underlying tissue and interstitial tissue can be almost black in color. Due to the blood loss, the bone marrow synthesizes new red and white blood cells.

* Hijamah and Massage Cupping on the posterior neck muscles facilitates a better blood flow of a. vertebrates (which brings blood to 1/3 of the brain, including the center for vision in the sulcus calcarine of lobus occipitalis). This explains the effect of the treatment on headaches and vision.

The cup which is placed between the shoulder blades at the position of T2-T5 has a phenomenal effect on the body, mainly because of the anatomy of that part of the body. There, in the T2-T5 region, ductus thoracicus (the main lymph vessel) enters angulus venosus (the entrance to the central circulation) and thus induces a better lymph flow. There, in the interscapular space, there is a capillary network between a. vertebral and a. dorsalis scapulae, which joins the blood flow of the head with the rest blood flow of the body, and cleansing this area from stale blood improves vascularization of the head. There, in the interscapular region, there is gray fatty tissue (multilocular) of which there is only a little in the body and which has many more mitochondria than white fat tissue, and when this treatment activates this tissue the merabolism of fat is faster. – PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA

* The late effect of the hijama is hyperpigmentation and circular ecchymosis, hence the recognizable circular marks which stay on after the application of the cups. It is important to know that they are not bruises, but rather have another physiological path of occurrence and disappearance.

* When we apply the hijamah cups, due to vasodilation (blood vessel expansion) we stimulate the function of sweat and sebaceous glands in the skin.

* There are no physiological mechanisms to purify serum or interstitial fluid from an excessive number of antibodies, from CPS (causative pathological substances) or inflammatory factors. Scientific research has shown that Wet Cupping Therapy removes: byproducts and endotoxins of bacterial, fungal and viral infections, inflammation intermediaries such as histamine, NO-nitrogen oxide, bradykinin, interleukins, chemokines, excess ferritins, cytokines, coagulation factors, leukotrienes, substance P, neuropeptides, antibodies, CPS, oxygen metabolites, oxygen radicals, neutrophil and macrophage lysosomal enzymes, and prostaglandins. All the above can be removed during this therapy!

* Hijama also reduces LDL, removes excess lactate from muscle tissue (which speeds up the recovery period for athletes from injuries and intense training) and also removes excess cholesterol, creatinine and urea.

* Scalpel incisions should not be deeper than 1mm, only enough disrupt the integrity of the skin barrier and to reach superficial capillaries (plexus dermal superficial). After the application of the suction pressure, through the fenestrae (openings) in the capillaries, filtration happens (due to the pressure differences in the arterioles and in the capillary bed). The size of the fenestrae does not allow intact, healthy, and functional erythrocytes and leukocytes to escape, however, LDL (known as “bad fats”) can not be filtered through the kidneys (due to size or high molecular weight). – PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA

* In the tissue under the cup, blood flow is weakened, and chemicals that increase the width of blood vessels and stimulate better blood flow come to assist and stimulate better blod flow in the area. After the hijama cup is removed, a sudden big inflow of blood occurs, which eliminates the accumulated harmful and old substances and brings new nutrients to the tissue and cells.

* Massage cupping at the beginning of the session releases dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that reduce depression.

* Hijama has a mechanical not chemical action so does not interfere with chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs.

* Excess ions that we intake through food is accumulated in intercellular fluid, kidneys remove them, biochemical tests have shown that the hijamah therapy removes excess ions. The filtration gradient of hijama (-150 -420 mmHg) is much higher than in the kidney. – PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND HIJAMA

* Hijamah regulates sympathovagal imbalance by stimulating the peripheral nervous system

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