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Hijamah ( حﺡجﺝاﺍمﻡةﺓ ) comes from the Arabic root word حﺡجﺝمﻡ
which means “to diminish in volume”, and refers to
the reduction in blood volume or to the vacuum effect
used to draw blood from the body. In the case of the
Ahaadeeth (sayings of the Nabi [SAW]) regarding
hijamah it refers to the drawing of blood from the
body for therapeutic purposes, either to maintain
health in the case of one who is not sick or to cure a
specific illness or ailment.
The vacuum or sucking effect can be achieved by
many different methods including sucking with the
mouth directly over a cut or wound (as in the case of
poisonous bites), using a leech to draw blood, the
use of instruments such as animal horns as was
done in ancient times, or the more modern methods
of using bamboo, glass or plastic “cups”, either with
fire or a pump mechanism.
The practice of applying a partial vacuum by these
means causes the tissues beneath the cup to be
drawn up and swell, thereby increasing blood flow to
the affected area. This enhanced blood flow draws
impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues
and organs towards the surface for elimination via
the break in the skin layer created through the
incisions made prior to the application of the “cup” .

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